Friday, August 1, 2014

At Sam's penthouse, Sam picked up Danny's scattered toys until she saw a picture of her and Silas on the fireplace mantel. Her thoughts immediately drifted to the previous evening when she had walked in on Silas kissing Nina. She pushed the unsettling memory away when she heard a knock at the door. It was Patrick.

Patrick explained that he had heard about the fire at Alexis' house, so Sam assured him that no one had been hurt because Danny had thrown a timely tantrum over a truck that had been left at the penthouse. Patrick was relieved that no one had been home at the time of the fire but he couldn't believe that the authorities suspected it had been set intentionally. Sam pointed out that it was to be expected when one's father was in the mob. Patrick was surprised because he had been under the impression that Julian had left the mob. Sam admitted that she had too.

Patrick tactfully changed the subject by asking if Sam had had a chance to view the security footage from the hospital's rooftop. Sam revealed that she had been able to confirm that someone had eavesdropped on her conversation with Silas on the rooftop but she hadn't been able to identify the person. However, she suspected that it had been Nina. Patrick pointed out that Nina was in a wheelchair, but Sam argued that it was possible that Nina was not as wheelchair bound as Nina pretended to be. He was curious why Nina would fake not being able to walk, so Sam explained that appearing helpless and fragile had its advantages.

Patrick chuckled because he was curious how a "badass chick" like Sam could know that. Sam appeared flattered that he considered her a "badass" but she focused on Nina by explaining that Nina had wanted Silas since emerging from the coma. She was certain that Nina had told the reporter about Patrick's confession to drive a wedge between Sam and Silas, so Patrick wondered if Sam had confronted Nina. Sam admitted that she had but it had been difficult for Nina to talk because Silas' tongue had been down Nina's throat. Patrick felt bad for Sam, but she reminded him that she had ended things with Silas.

Patrick was curious about Silas' reaction to everything, so Sam explained that it had been difficult to tell because Silas had seemed a bit intoxicated. Sam suggested that perhaps the alcohol had lowered his inhibitions enough for him to act on his true feelings for Nina. Regardless, Sam remained determined not to let Nina get away with what she had done to Patrick. Patrick reminded Sam that Silas might also be a victim of Nina's.

Sam explained that Nina had to be held accountable for Patrick losing his job, but Patrick argued that Nina wasn't really to blame because he had debated letting Rafe die during surgery when he should have been focused on saving Rafe. Patrick reminded Sam that busting Nina wouldn't change anything, but Sam insisted that it had been a dirty move on Nina's part, which was not okay with Sam. Patrick was curious if Sam was okay with Nina deceiving Silas. Sam appeared startled by the question but assured Patrick that she was not. However, it wasn't about revenge for Sam but rather closure.

Patrick admitted that he wanted closure too but he was certain that a part of Sam was concerned about Silas, so Sam admitted that Silas had a right to know the truth about Nina. Sam was surprised when Patrick admitted that he wanted to help Sam search for answers because Patrick needed the excitement of going on a mission to solve a crime to get out of his own head for awhile. Sam conceded that she had learned from experience after Jason died that an adrenaline rush was the best cure for grief. Sam and Patrick quickly decided that their next step should be to find out exactly what Nina's medical condition was.

Sam suggested that she and Patrick go to the Crichton-Clark facility in Westchester, New York because that was where Nina had woken up from the coma. Sam was certain that the facility held the answers they needed.

At Silas' apartment, Nina smiled as Silas slowly stumbled into the living room. She suggested that he have a cup of coffee as he dropped into a chair, but Silas wanted to know what had happened to him the previous evening. He had a vague recollection of Sam showing up to talk to him about something but the details remained hazy, which baffled him because he'd only had one scotch. Nina easily covered her tracks by claiming that he'd chugged several glasses of scotch, but Silas sensed that there was more to his nausea and grogginess. Determined to keep Silas from realizing that she had drugged him, Nina suggested that he might be getting sick.

Silas tried to take a bite of the toast but quickly put it down when it didn't settle well on his sour stomach. Nina reminded him that he had been in a similar state following her cousin's high society wedding. Silas and Nina fondly reminisced about the special night until Silas noticed the time. He reminded Nina that she had a physical therapy appointment, but Nina insisted that she wanted to skip it to take care of Silas. She assured him that her therapist had been impressed with her progress, but Silas was adamant that she not miss a session because of him.

Nina compromised by agreeing to reschedule the appointment for later that afternoon. She reached for the phone but stopped when she noticed an odd expression on Silas' face. Silas admitted that he couldn't understand why Sam had stopped by after ending things with him and why she hadn't stayed to explain the reason for her visit. Nina confessed that she couldn't blame Sam for leaving because Sam had walked in on them while they had been "making out." Silas worried that Sam had something important to tell him, but Nina assured him that she hadn't gotten that impression.

Silas seemed surprised when Nina confided that Sam had appeared to have finally accepted that Silas and Nina belonged together, but things took an unexpected turn when Nina suggested a game of strip poker. Silas agreed but lost the first hand. He stripped off his shirt as Nina cheered him on, but it was clear he was uncomfortable. Nina suggested that they play straight poker, so Silas relaxed then picked up the cards.

As Silas dealt the cards, Nina mentioned Nathan's visit as a means to announce that she had a surprise for Silas. Silas was stunned when Nina slowly stood up from her wheelchair, careful to make a show of wobbling precariously as if her legs were weak. Silas rushed to her side to lend assistance in case she fell. Nina quickly resumed her seat in the wheelchair as she explained that she had only been able to stand for a short while and for just a few seconds at a time. Silas gushed that he was proud of Nina, so she warned him that she still had a very long way to go before she could walk and make it up and down stairs.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was annoyed when he saw Brad standing in his home. Britt explained that she had invited Brad over because she had needed to talk to Brad about something. She appeared to brace herself before she confessed that she had something to tell Nikolas. Concerned, Nikolas asked what was going on. Britt recalled Brad's warning that she might lose Nikolas if she confessed the truth about Spencer's disappearance, so she told Nikolas that she had asked Brad to pass out flyers at the hospital to spread the word that Spencer was missing.

Nikolas appreciated Brad's help but became upset at the thought of his son being alone and possibly in danger. Britt assured Nikolas that Spencer would be found, so he confessed that he didn't know what he would have done without her because she was the only person he believed when they said that to him. A shadow of guilt crossed Britt's expression as she asked if she could do anything for Nikolas, but he admitted that it was enough that she was there.

After Nikolas left to check in with Alfred for an update, Brad confessed that he had expected Britt to tell Nikolas the truth. She admitted that she had intended to until she had recalled Brad's warning that she would lose Nikolas if Nikolas knew that she had been in touch with Spencer. Britt explained that she was worried about Nikolas but she couldn't figure a way out of the situation. Brad suggested that it was time to find Spencer because she could put an end to Nikolas' suffering and in the process secure Nikolas' eternal gratitude for returning Spencer home. Britt agreed that it was a perfect solution except that she had no idea where Spencer was.

Brad was confused because he had the impression that Britt had been in contact with Spencer. Britt assured him that she had been but she hadn't had an opportunity to get Spencer's location. Brad collected the flyers as he urged Britt to get Spencer home quickly. After Brad left, Britt called Spencer but reached his voicemail. She explained that it was time for Spencer to return home, so she asked him to call her back as soon as possible.

Britt tensed when she saw Nikolas standing in the doorway. He assumed that she had been on the phone with Nathan, so Britt didn't correct him. She asked if Alfred had had any news about Spencer, but Nikolas shook his head. Nikolas appeared defeated as he confessed that he was running out of ways to keep going. Britt insisted that Nikolas get some rest because he was exhausted. Britt refused to take no for an answer, so Nikolas relented when she promised to let him know if there was any news about Spencer.

At Carly's house, Spencer spied on Franco as Franco hacked into Carly's email. Franco muttered to himself that it was the only way for him to get the goods on Sonny but his efforts were stymied when he failed to figure out Carly's password. Franco recalled Ava promising to remove Sonny as an obstacle if Franco provided her with the incriminating recording that A.J. had made.

Spencer perked up when Franco quietly admitted that Ava's offer had been too good to pass up because no one would be able to link Sonny's downfall to Franco. "Nobody but me," Spencer said as he made his presence known. Startled, Franco jumped up to ask what Spencer was doing there. Spencer revealed that he had spent several nights in Josslyn's bedroom and then shifted gears by demanding to know why Franco wanted to go after Spencer's uncle, Sonny.

Franco claimed that he had no idea what Spencer was talking about, but Spencer didn't believe him. Franco began to squirm when Spencer questioned him about hacking into Carly's email but Franco quickly turned the tables on Spencer by admitting that he recognized Spencer. Spencer explained that they had met in the park, but Franco was certain that he had seen Spencer more recently. Franco returned to his task of trying to access Carly's email but stopped when he noticed a pop-up news alert about Spencer's disappearance. Franco smiled then threatened to call the police to let them know where Spencer was, but Spencer warned Franco not to.

Spencer threatened to tell Carly that Franco had been trying to hack into her email unless Franco agreed to keep quiet about where Spencer was. Spencer also insisted that Franco stop whatever Franco was trying to do to hurt Sonny. Franco hated making a deal with Spencer but he realized that he didn't have a choice. Pleased, Spencer let Franco know that he would be watching Franco then returned to Josslyn's bedroom.

At the Jerome Gallery, Julian left a voicemail message for Alexis to let her know that he had been thinking of her. Julian quickly disconnected the call when he entered the main part of the gallery and saw Sonny seated at Julian's desk. Julian immediately reached for his gun, but one of Sonny's bodyguards deftly disarmed Julian then handed the gun to Sonny. Sonny dismissed his bodyguards with instructions for the two men to remain close.

After the two bodyguards disappeared into the next room, Sonny apologized for Sonny apologized for intruding at the gallery. Sonny explained that he hadn't had a choice because Ava's apartment had been locked up tighter than "Fort Knox." Sonny revealed that he had sought Julian out because Julian had taken something without permission that had belonged to Sonny. Julian pretended to have no idea what Sonny was talking about, so Sonny clarified that he had been referring to Julian's sister, Ava. Sonny conceded that he had been impressed with Julian's "Die Hard" method of spiriting Ava away via helicopter but Sonny was curious why Julian had bothered to help Ava.

Julian admitted that Ava had confided that Sonny had killed A.J. Sonny was curious if Ava had provided Julian with proof of her claims, so Julian confessed that she hadn't. However, Julian knew that proof existed, which meant that it was only a matter of time until Julian had what he needed. Sonny warned Julian not to repeat the story that Ava had told Julian, but Julian was not intimidated. Annoyed, Sonny accused Julian of hiding behind Danny and then reminded Julian that there were other ways to hurt Julian without killing him. Sonny aimed the gun at Julian's kneecaps as he pointed out that people could donate bone marrow from a wheelchair.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava opened Julian's laptop then clicked on the last video call that her brother had made. Moments later, the man posing as Luke Spencer appeared on the screen. The imposter asked if Julian had changed his mind and then barked for Julian to enable the video. Ava leaned into the web camera's range as she clicked the icon. "It's not Julian," Ava said with satisfaction as the imposter tensed.

Ava assumed that she was talking to Luke as she gloated that he appeared as surprised to see her as she was to see him. The imposter pretended that he and Julian had been working on another art deal, but Ava didn't believe him. She pointed out that Julian had been on the warpath since Alexis' house had been burned down, so Ava knew that her brother had been determined to talk to his boss. Ava confessed that she had never expected Luke Spencer to be a mob kingpin. The imposter assured Ava that she had no idea who he was.

Ava conceded that "Luke" might be right. She had heard that despite his questionable activities in the past he had been known to have a heart and follow a code. The imposter explained that things had changed. Ava suddenly realized that Luke had been the one who had ordered Julian to kill her, but the imposter was unapologetic because it had been business. He reminded her that she had been feeding information to Sonny.

Ava revealed that things had changed, so she suggested that she and "Luke" work together because they had a mutual enemy. Ava pointed out that her brother could be "squeamish" about certain aspects of their business but she didn't have any such qualms. The imposter seemed unimpressed, so Ava reminded him that he needed someone to replace Mickey and to keep things running smoothly since Julian had killed Luke's right-hand man. She assured the imposter that she was the right person for the job because she knew the business, she was focused, and she wouldn't have any trouble keeping Julian in line.

The imposter revealed that he knew that Ava had dirt on Sonny, so he wanted to know what it was. Ava refused to tell him but she assured him that it would take Sonny out permanently. The imposter reminded Ava that she had been less than trustworthy in the past, but she argued that her circumstances had changed. Ava pointed out that she had a baby on the way so she was eager to secure a future for herself and her unborn child. The imposter admitted that he didn't care about Ava's maternal struggles because he had his own goals and objectives.

The imposter insisted that Ava had wasted both of their time if she refused to tell him what she had on Sonny. Ava disagreed; she thought that their conversation had been very beneficial. She reminded "Luke" that she had valuable information about their common enemy so "Luke" should consider her offer.

Later, Julian returned home. He was pleased when he saw Ava drinking milk because it meant that she was making an effort to be healthy for the baby. Ava was surprised that her brother cared, so he reminded her that they were family despite everything that had happened between them. Ava was glad to hear it because she wanted to work with Julian again. Julian made it clear that the idea didn't appeal to him, but Ava informed him that he didn't have a choice because she had spoken to his boss who had agreed that it was an excellent idea.

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