Thursday, September 18, 2014

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny spoke to Olivia on the phone. He admitted that he didn't have news about Dante, so all they could do was pray. Sonny promised to call Olivia if he heard anything then ended the call when he saw Shawn enter the office.

Shawn asked for news about Dante, but Sonny had nothing new to report, so Shawn changed the subject by filling Sonny in about Ava's medical scare the previous evening. Sonny was upset but not out of concern for Ava's well-being; Sonny worried about the baby because the baby was family, whether Sonny or Morgan was the father. Sonny couldn't trust Ava to safeguard the pregnancy, so he decided that it was time to abduct Ava then stash her in a safe location where Sonny could keep a close eye on her until the baby was born.

"Today is the day," Shawn announced. Shawn explained that they had people in place, waiting for the opportunity to make a move. According to Shawn, Ava was at her most vulnerable because Julian was out of town. Sonny gave the go-ahead to take Ava but made it clear that nothing better happen to the baby.

Moments later, Olivia burst through the door then threw herself into Sonny's arms as she revealed that Dante had called. Olivia was overjoyed as she told Sonny that everyone was safe, but she admitted that their son's call had been brief so she didn't have any details. Sonny grinned as he quickly called Michael and Morgan to share the good news.

After the phone call, Sonny was choked up because Morgan had been civil toward him throughout the conversation. Olivia and Shawn smiled because they were happy for Sonny. Olivia suggested that perhaps recent events had made Morgan realize that he shouldn't take anything for granted. Sonny admitted that he wanted to patch things up with Morgan because Morgan would need help raising the baby -- if Morgan was the father.

Confused, Olivia reminded Sonny that Ava would be around to help Morgan. Sonny exchanged a guarded look with Shawn then carefully explained that he had simply meant that Morgan would need his father's support. Satisfied, Olivia promised to call when she heard from Dante then left to fetch Rocco from Bobbie's place. Afterwards, Sonny smiled with satisfaction because everything appeared to be falling into place.

At Carly's residence, Carly woke Franco up with balloons and a bright happy birthday wish. Franco was touched by the gesture, but he reminded her that they weren't really certain that it was his birthday because he hadn't really been Jason's twin. Carly argued that it didn't matter because Franco was clearly a Virgo. She also admitted that Jason had never enjoyed celebrating his birthday, so she decided that Franco should.

Carly held up a muffin with a candle in it as she instructed Franco to blow out the candle. Franco smiled then dutifully blew out the candle. Carly was curious what he had wished for, so Franco confessed that he had wished that he had never accused her of sleeping with Sonny. Carly tensed, prompting Franco to ask why.

Carly claimed that she hated that Franco had wasted a wish on something that they couldn't change, but Franco regretted that he had doubted Carly because she was "amazing, sweet, and truthful." Carly tried to downplay the incident, but Franco argued that he had behaved like a lunatic. He was ashamed that he had accused her of being unfaithful because he knew that she would never cheat on him.

Carly thought about how she and Sonny had made love in her bedroom but quickly pushed the unsettling thought away as she changed the subject by slowly untying her robe to show Franco her sexy nightgown. After Franco and Carly made love, Carly surprised Franco by revealing that she had made plans for a special birthday dinner celebration. Franco insisted that it wasn't necessary, but Carly disagreed. She was curious who he wanted to invite, so Franco reminded her that he didn't have a lot of friends.

Carly was certain that his father, Scott, would attend the dinner, so Franco suggested that they invite Kiki too. Carly immediately recalled Kiki refusing to promise not to tell Franco about Carly's affair with Sonny, so Carly suggested that it might not be a good idea to include Kiki because Kiki was dating Michael. Franco regretted that he had threatened to tell Michael that Sonny had killed A.J., but Carly insisted that it was in the past.

Carly agreed to extend the invitation to Kiki, even though it might be awkward for Michel if Michael decided to attend. Carly suggested inviting Nina to the party, since Franco and Nina were good friends. Touched by the offer, Franco confessed that he wished he could be more like Carly, who didn't feel threatened by his friendship with Nina.

Meanwhile, Michael called out for Kiki as he entered the brownstone. Morgan was relaxed on the sofa, listening to music, until Michael tapped on his brother's shoulder. Startled, Morgan jumped up then immediately asked if there had been news about their older brother, Dante. Michael shook his head, but he was confident that Dante would return home safe. Michael was curious if Kiki was home, so Morgan revealed that Kiki had left earlier to meet Silas for breakfast.

Michael explained that he had stopped by to meet with the roofer. Morgan smiled as he asked if Michael was ready for Morgan and Kiki to proceed with repairing the roof, but Michael made it clear that he wanted a professional to tackle the problem because Morgan and Kiki weren't qualified. Morgan argued that he and Kiki worked well together, so Michael asked if Morgan and Kiki had worked things out the previous evening after their squabble. Morgan nodded but confessed that he hadn't been ready to hear Kiki's advice about Ava even though Kiki had been right.

The conversation then drifted to Rosalie as Michael confided that Rosalie had questioned the nature of Morgan and Kiki's relationship. Surprised, Morgan was curious if Michael agreed with Rosalie, but Michael assured his brother that he knew Morgan and Kiki were just friends. However, Michael warned Morgan that Rosalie appeared skeptical because Morgan had spent the entire evening with Kiki instead of his date. Morgan didn't appear worried, but he wanted to be certain that Michael didn't have any questions about Morgan's friendship with Kiki.

Michael promised Morgan that he trusted both Morgan and Kiki then confessed that he didn't have any regrets about Morgan and Kiki working together to restore the brownstone because it had been an excellent investment. Morgan relaxed because Michael's trust was all that mattered. Moments later, Sonny called.

Michael put the call on speaker so Morgan could hear what Sonny had to say. Sonny revealed that Dante had surfaced, and everyone was safe. Sonny didn't have any details to share, but he had wanted Michael and Morgan to know. The brothers were relieved, so Sonny suggested that the family gather to celebrate when Dante and Lulu returned home. Michael smiled when Morgan quickly agreed.

After the phone call, Morgan prepared to leave. He asked if he and Michael were good about Kiki, so Michael assured him that everything was fine. Shortly after Morgan left, Michael heard a knock at the door. He assumed that it was the roofer, so he invited the man inside. Michael was surprised when Rosalie entered instead.

At the hospital, Nina was working out in Franco's art studio when Rosalie knocked on the door. Nina quickly unlocked the door to invite Rosalie in, so Rosalie was curious why Nina had been hiding out in the art room. Nina explained that she had been working out then shifted gears to ask if Rosalie knew that Richard Simmons had once worked in Port Charles. To Nina's annoyance, Rosalie had no idea who the iconic 1980s exercise guru was, but Nina was willing to forgive Rosalie provided Rosalie had good news about the plan to break up Michael and Kiki.

Rosalie reminded Nina the date hadn't been an ideal situation to seduce Michael away from Kiki because the dinner had been in public and a double date. Nina shrugged because she recalled often having sex in public places with Silas, but Rosalie refused to hear the details. "TMI," Rosalie insisted, but Nina was unapologetic because Nina wanted Rosalie to understand that one didn't need privacy to get the job done. Rosalie ignored the advice then confided that she had seized the opportunity to plant seeds of doubt in Michael's mind about Morgan and Kiki's relationship. Nina was pleased, but Rosalie felt bad because Michael was a decent guy.

Nina ranted that Kiki needed to pay for Silas' affair with Ava. Rosalie patiently listened until Nina demanded to know if anything else noteworthy had happened. Rosalie smiled as she confessed that she had overheard Kiki and Morgan talking about a secret that they were desperate to keep from Michael. Intrigued, Nina wanted to know what the secret was about. Rosalie appeared slightly reluctant as she admitted that Carly had slept with Sonny, which Kiki feared Michael would use to break up Franco and Carly.

Nina was furious that Carly had played Franco for a fool, but Rosalie was curious why Nina cared. Nina insisted that Franco was a friend, but, more importantly, Nina knew what it was like to be betrayed and deceived. Rosalie was curious if Nina intended to tell Franco about the affair, but Nina refused to answer. Nina suggested that Rosalie focus on Michael, while Nina worried about Franco.

Later, Franco was in a good mood as he strolled into the art room. Nina was curious why Franco was so happy, so Franco confessed that he'd had the best morning of his life because Carly had made him feel both loved and appreciated. Nina tensed when Franco added that he had been an idiot not to trust Carly. He was determined to never doubt Carly again, so Nina quietly confessed that she had something to tell him.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki greeted her father then joined Silas at a table for breakfast. She was curious why Nina hadn't joined them, so Silas explained that Nina was at the hospital, supposedly at a physical therapy appointment. Kiki picked up on the skepticism in Silas' tone, so he admitted that Nina had skipped appointments to spend time with Franco. Kiki was curious if Silas and Franco had had another run-in, but Silas shook his head. However, Silas couldn't understand what all the women saw in Franco.

Kiki reminded Silas that Franco's life had forever been altered when the tumor had been removed, but Silas argued that Franco had been a murderer. Kiki countered that Franco had also been an artist, but the talent had disappeared along with the tumor, forcing Franco to carve out a new life by taking a job at the hospital. Silas didn't have any sympathy for Franco, but Silas agreed to stop speaking ill of Franco because Silas appreciated that Kiki and Franco were friends. Kiki confessed that she hadn't been a very good friend to Franco lately because she had been keeping a secret from her friend.

Kiki conceded that the secret had the power to deeply hurt Franco but she felt like a liar for not telling him. She admitted that on top of everything else, she had told Morgan, not Michael, about the secret. Silas was surprised that Kiki would open up to her ex-husband rather than her boyfriend, but Kiki explained that Michael wouldn't hesitate to tell Franco about the secret if Michael knew.

Silas was curious why Kiki had talked to Morgan about the secret, so Kiki revealed that Morgan had easily picked up that something had been troubling her. Kiki admitted that it had always been easy to talk to Morgan even though things had become strained the previous day when she had tried to offer Morgan advice about Ava and the baby. Kiki was grateful that Morgan had forgiven her because she had no idea what she would have done if she had lost Morgan as a friend. Silas questioned if that was all Morgan was to Kiki -- a friend.

Kiki seemed surprised by the question but assured Silas that she was with Michael. She added that Morgan was interested in someone else. Silas was stunned when Kiki admitted that it was Rosalie. He explained that he didn't trust Rosalie because something seemed off with Nina's nurse, so he warned Kiki to be careful around Rosalie.

A short time later, Silas announced that he had to leave. Kiki gave her father a hug then watched him walk away. Moments later, Carly arrived and spotted Kiki. Carly approached Kiki's table to invite Kiki to Franco's birthday party, but she warned Kiki not to ruin Franco's night or his life by revealing that Carly and Sonny had slept together. Kiki assured Carly that it wouldn't be a problem as long as Carly and Sonny stayed away from each other. As if on cue, Sonny entered the restaurant.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava reclined on the sofa as she gently stroked her belly while assuring her unborn child that she would keep the baby safe and healthy. However, Ava sensed that "now is the calm before the storm."

Moments later, a guard announced that Ava had a visitor. Without waiting to be invited, Sabrina pushed past the guard to enter the apartment. Ava glared at Sabrina then ordered the guard to escort Sabrina to the lobby and toss her out. Sabrina demanded a few minutes of Ava's time because Sabrina had something important to say. Ava reluctantly sent the guard away, so Sabrina surprised Ava by apologizing for the way she had treated Ava the previous evening when Ava had gone to the hospital with alarming cramps.

Sabrina agreed that it had been both unprofessional and insensitive to suggest that Ava might be miscarrying. Sabrina blamed it on grief over losing her own son, Gabriel. She knew that it wasn't an excuse, so she assured Ava that she would understand if Ava decided to file an official complaint. However, Sabrina promised that she was in therapy, learning to deal with the anger over losing her son. Sabrina assured Ava that she knew that Ava had not been responsible for driving Patrick's car off the road, so she asked for Ava's forgiveness.

Ava softened because she appreciated that Sabrina had suffered a terrible loss. She thanked Sabrina for the apology, so Sabrina smiled then turned to leave, claiming that she had to get to a therapy appointment. Sabrina suddenly stopped as she realized that she had forgotten to give Ava something. Sabrina reached into her purse and pulled out a bottle of pills that Sabrina claimed the doctor had prescribed for Ava's cramps. According to Sabrina, Ava had left before the prescription had been filled.

Ava took the pills from Sabrina then watched Sabrina leave. In the hallway, the guard asked Sabrina if everything was okay. "Everything went exactly as I'd hoped," Sabrina cryptically replied with a secret smile.

Later, Sabrina looked at an empty prescription bottle with a warning label that read, "Causes premature labor in pregnant woman."

Meanwhile, Ava poured a glass of water then took one of the pills Sabrina had given her. Ava admitted that she didn't want any more scares like the one she'd had the previous evening.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...
  • Michael asks Kiki about the secret that she and Morgan are keeping from him
  • Nina reveals to Franco that Rosalie overheard something
  • Morgan begs Ava to consider having a paternity test
  • Sabrina looks at a prescription bottle as she vows that Ava would feel pain like Ava never felt before
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