Friday, January 30, 2015

At Shadybrook, Nina lounged in bed reading a book when Heather knocked on the door. Nina smiled as her new friend, "Diana," entered the room and announced she had a surprise for Nina. Delighted, Nina wondered what it was, so Heather held up a knitting bag. Nina was surprised when "Diana" produced a bottle of nail polish to paint Nina's nails, so Nina happily extended her hand as "Diana" went to work painting Nina's nails "blood red."

Nina felt pampered getting her nails done, but "Diana" insisted that it was the least she could do for Nina since "Diana" had used up all of Nina's phone minutes with Franco. Heather added that the people in charge realized that Heather had used the phone, so both "Diana" and Nina's phone privileges had been suspended. Heather apologized but Nina assured Heather that it was fine since "Diana" hadn't done it on purpose. Nina's smile slipped when Heather quietly confessed that her name was not Diana Taylor.

Heather revealed that Diana Taylor had been the name of the woman who had adopted Heather's firstborn, Steven Lars, so Nina quietly asked why Heather had given Steven up for adoption. Heather clarified that she had sold Steven on the black market because Heather had been strapped for cash. Nina's shock turned to disbelief when Heather confided that Heather had also sold her second son to another woman who had been desperate for a child. Nina tensed when Heather revealed that her younger son had eventually become an "infamous" artist named Franco and then introduced herself to Nina as Heather Webber.

Somewhere between Pentonville and Port Charles, Julian drove the transport van that he, Sonny, Franco, and Ava had commandeered in their escape from jail. Julian credited Ava with getting them out of Pentonville, but Franco took offense because he had done his part to aid in the escape. No one appeared to care, so Ava asked how Franco had gotten involved in the jailbreak. Franco explained that he had to get to Nina because Heather had threatened Nina's life after befriending Nina in Shadybrook. Ava believed that Nina deserved to be doing hard time in Pentonville for forcing Ava to give birth and then abducting Ava's daughter, Avery, but Franco defended Nina by reminding Ava of all the ways Ava had wronged Nina.

Ava hoped that Nina suffered a slow and miserable death, but Franco accused Ava of using the baby to manipulate Sonny because Ava was a "poisonous bitch" who had deserved everything that Nina had done to Ava. Ava shot back that it would be karma if Nina was hurt, but Franco insisted that he and Nina had merely tried to save the baby from both Ava and Sonny. Sonny rolled his eyes, but refrained from commenting as Franco and Ava continued to trade insults.

Eventually, Sonny ordered both Franco and Ava to "shut up" and then added that Ava should thank Sonny for saving her life. Ava argued that Sonny had sent the guard to kill her but Sonny denied it by pointing out that she would have been dead if that were true. Julian explained that they suspected Bill Eckert had been behind the attempt on Ava's life, so Franco wondered who Bill was. Julian admitted that Bill was a "ringer" for Luke Spencer who had been posing as Luke and had put a hit out on Sonny, Julian, and Ava.

Julian revealed that Bill had also targeted both Michael and Lucas, so Sonny explained that it was imperative that Bill not learn about Sonny and Julian's escape because Bill would kill Michael and Lucas sooner rather than later. Ava told Franco to give Sonny the cell phone to alert the boys to the danger, but Sonny explained that it wouldn't help because Michael had refused to listen when Sonny had tried to warn Michael. However, Sonny realized that Julian might have some success with Lucas, so Sonny handed the phone to Julian.

Julian called Lucas, but the phone went dead before Julian could warn Lucas. However, Julian was able to glean that Lucas was at a party on the Haunted Star and that the impostor was in attendance. Franco insisted that they go to Shadybrook to save Nina first, but Sonny and Julian made it clear that they were headed to the Haunted Star. Sonny invited Franco to jump out of the moving van when they passed the exit to Shadybrook, but Julian warned everyone that they were being followed.

Ava panicked because she feared that it was the police, but Sonny noticed that the car quickly gaining on them didn't have any sirens or police lights. Julian tried to lose the tail, but lost control of the van as he went around a bend and nearly collided with an oncoming car. Ava screamed as the van began to flip.

On the Haunted Star, Nathan arrested and handcuffed Jake as party guests looked on in shock. Michael was curious what Jake had done, so Nathan listed a slew of charges that Jake faced for aiding Cesar Faison's escape. After Michael walked away, Nathan ordered a police officer to search Jake's hotel room.

At the bar, Lulu realized that Carly would take Jake's arrest hard because of everything that Carly had done for him. Maxie was surprised that Carly had befriended Jake because Carly tended to have better instincts about people, but Lulu thought something about the situation didn't add up. Lulu pointed out that it didn't make sense for Jake to have remained in Port Charles if he had helped Faison escape, but Maxie insisted Nathan wouldn't have arrested Jake without a good reason.

Jake denied having any knowledge of helping Faison escape, but Nathan wanted to wait until they were at the police station to discuss Jake's side of things. Nathan apologized to Maxie for having to skip the party then started to lead Jake away but Lulu suddenly asked if Dante had been working on the case with Nathan. Nathan admitted that he hadn't seen his partner all day and then left with Jake.

A short time later, Johnny arrived, so Maxie and Lulu filled him in about Jake's arrest.

Nearby, Michael wondered why Jake would help Faison when Jake had only been in town for a month at the time of Faison's escape. He admitted that Jake had seemed like a decent guy, but Tracy reminded Michael that people were not always what they seemed. Michael sensed something was troubling Tracy, so she admitted that she hadn't heard from Luke, which always made her fear the worst after everything that had transpired with Luke over the past year.

A short time later, Sabrina and Carlos arrived. Sabrina introduced Carlos to Michael, so Carlos quickly apologized for role in delaying justice for Michael's father by falsely confessing to A.J.'s murder. Carlos admitted that he had done it for Sabrina, so Michael assured Carlos that he understood and then shifted gears by thanking Sabrina for agreeing to work at the new free clinic. Sabrina insisted that she was the one who was grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the clinic especially after she had lost her job at the hospital.

At the police station, Carly was on the phone with Josslyn who complained about the new babysitter. Carly explained that Karen, the previous sitter, had refused to return after Josslyn had locked Karen in the attic. Carly ordered Josslyn to behave and then promised to be home soon. After she ended the call, she saw Patrick and Sam enter the squad room.

Carly noticed that the couple was dressed up, so she assumed that Patrick and Sam had been on their way to the Michael's party on the Haunted Star. Patrick and Sam confirmed that they had been but they had decided to make a short detour to file a complaint against Jake. Carly surprised Sam by announcing that a warrant for Jake's arrest had already been issued and then conceding that Sam had been right about Jake being the gunman who had helped Faison escape. Carly explained that she had found a gun in Jake's bag, which had been a ballistics match to the gun used to shoot Nathan.

Sam felt vindicated since no one had believed her, but Patrick reminded her that she hadn't had any evidence against Jake. Carly insisted that Jake's guilt wasn't that simple, but she was curious why Patrick and Sam were there. Sam started to explain when Nathan arrived with Jake. Nathan asked a police officer to check on Madeline's transport from Pentonville and then started to take Jake to the interrogation room. However, Carly stepped forward to ask Jake where he had disappeared to when he had left Kevin's office.

Jake was surprised when Carly revealed that Kevin had denied ever seeing Jake as a patient, but Jake argued that Carly had seen for herself that Jake had spent 45 minutes in Kevin's office during the first session. Carly quietly explained that Kevin had been called away for an emergency, so Kevin had been out of the office all day. Carly had no idea who Jake had talked to but she was certain that it hadn't been Kevin. Jake suddenly had a flashback of seeing Helena as he had entered Kevin's office, so he realized that Carly was right.

Carly sensed that Jake had had a new flash of memory, so Jake started to tell her about it until a police officer approached Nathan to report that prisoners had escaped from Pentonville. Nathan quickly ordered the police officer to escort Jake to the interrogation room and then left to get a full report on the prison break. As Jake was led away, he assured Carly that he had never knowingly lied to her. Jake admitted that he had no idea what he had done but he apologized because he knew that Carly had only tried to help him.

Nearby, Sam was upset, but Patrick reminded her that Jake was in police custody. Sam admitted that she needed some answers from Jake, so she asked Patrick to let Lucas know that she would be running late. Patrick agreed to head to the Haunted Star but he told her to be careful. Sam smiled with gratitude for his understanding and then kissed him. After Patrick left, Sam waited until the coast was clear and then slipped into the interrogation room. Jake immediately assured Sam that he didn't recall taking her hostage but Sam revealed that she wanted to talk to him about the phoenix figurine, which she carefully set on the table.

In the squad room, Carly explained that she had to get home, so Nathan assured her that it was fine because he had everything he needed to charge Jake. Carly changed the subject by asking who had escaped from Pentonville, but Nathan appeared reluctant to tell her so she pushed for an answer until he revealed that Julian and Ava Jerome, Franco, and Sonny had all managed to get away.

On the piers, Helena assured the impostor that she had received confirmation from her "soldier" that the bomb had been planted and was set to go off when the party on the Haunted Star was in full swing. The impostor was pleased but Helena was curious where he had been while she had been taking care of business. The impostor revealed that he had been putting "some trouble to rest" but refused to elaborate. Helena was annoyed, but the impostor insisted once the ship went up in flames and the impostor's "muscle" at Pentonville had made his move, there wouldn't be anyone left to stop the impostor.

Helena and the impostor ducked out of sight when they heard Nathan approach with Jake in tow. Nathan mentioned to Jake that the gun Jake had used to shoot Nathan was in police custody. Helena and the impostor waited until the coast was clear then stepped out of the shadows. Helena was disappointed that her assassin had been caught but she assured the impostor that Jake would not remember planting the bomb so everything would proceed as planned. The impostor decided to head to the ship to make an appearance, but Helena warned him not to get trapped because she intended to celebrate after the explosion.

Helena playfully reminded the impostor that she needed a man to pop the cork on her Champagne, so he smiled as he teasingly referred to her as a delicate flower. Moments later, Nikolas walked by with his date, Ivy. Nikolas was startled when Helena suddenly called out to him, so he stopped to greet her. Ivy asked for an introduction, but Helena claimed that she was a Cassadine family friend then asked where Nikolas was headed. Helena became alarmed when she learned that Nikolas intended to attend the party on the Haunted Star.

Ivy began to sing Michael's praises, but Helena brushed her off to ask for a private word with Nikolas. Nikolas refused, but Ivy assured him that it was fine. After Ivy left to board the ship, Nikolas reminded his grandmother that Helena couldn't afford to be seen because Helena was a fugitive. Helena informed Nikolas that he could not attend the party, but Nikolas was determined to keep a close eye on her partner, Luke. Helena made it clear that Nikolas didn't have a choice when she called for her goons to step forward.

On the Haunted Star, Tracy left a voicemail message for Luke to call her because she and Lulu were concerned about his absence. Tracy and Lulu were relieved when "Luke" approached them as Tracy ended the call. After they exchanged greetings, Lulu mentioned that Dante hadn't arrived, so the impostor revealed that he had seen Dante earlier at the house on Elm Street where Dante had mentioned skipping the party because Dante was afraid that he would lose his temper if he saw Lulu and Johnny working together. Lulu was stunned that her husband had not had the courtesy to call to tell her himself, so she stormed off.

The impostor appeared oblivious to Lulu's distress as he asked Tracy if she wanted to mingle. However, Tracy was curious why Luke had gone to the house on Elm Street, so he claimed that he had wanted to say goodbye to the old place since it would be gone soon. Tracy became alarmed when she noticed what appeared to be blood on the cuff of his shirt. The impostor remained calm as he assured Tracy that it was only cocktail sauce because he had helped himself to some shrimp when he had first arrived. The impostor excused himself to clean up then walked away.

Meanwhile, Bobbie arrived with Lucas and Brad on each arm. She wondered why Lucas and Brad hadn't hitched a ride with Patrick and Sam as planned, so Lucas explained that something had happened. "What?" Bobbie asked. "The case of the missing phoenix," Brad replied.

Nearby, Johnny noticed Lulu seemed upset as she sent a text message, so he asked her if she was okay. Lulu confessed that she wasn't then told him about what "Luke" had said about Dante.

A short time later, the impostor passed Lucas as Lucas received a frantic call from Julian. The impostor listened as Lucas tried to talk to Julian but it quickly became clear that Julian's end of the line had gone dead. Meanwhile, Michael sensed that something was troubling Lucas, so Lucas told Michael about the strange phone call from Julian. Michael suggested that Lucas call Julian back, but Lucas admitted that Julian had called from an unknown number. Michael suspected that Julian had used a bootleg phone.

Brad joined Lucas and Michael, so Lucas revealed that he had heard about Brad and Michael's first encounter when Brad had propositioned Michael. Brad quickly apologized for his inappropriate behavior, but Michael assured Brad that it was in the past.

Later, Johnny approached the impostor to demand to know why the impostor had upset Lulu by telling her that Dante had refused to attend the party. The impostor warned Johnny that they had bigger problems because the impostor's man at Pentonville had reported that Julian and Sonny had escaped. Johnny wasn't concerned because Julian and Sonny had been using Johnny's cell phone, which meant that it would only take a "touch of an app" to locate the two men. Pleased, the impostor ordered Johnny to grab Carlos and deal with the problem.

At the bar, Maxie noticed that Lulu seemed upset, so Lulu confided to Maxie that Dante had decided to skip the party. Lulu added that her husband hadn't returned any of Lulu's phone calls or text message. Maxie thought it was odd and unnecessary since Johnny had left a few minutes earlier with Carlos.

Meanwhile, Bobbie hugged "Luke" then praised him for backing Michael's project. Luke credited Bobbie for making him realize that the past was dead and that nothing in the house could hurt them anymore.

At the house on Elm Street, Dante slowly regained consciousness at the bottom of the basement stairs as he bled from a head wound. He slowly reached for the crowbar, but his vision was blurry. His cell phone rang and periodically pinged as he received text messages, but Dante was too dazed to answer the calls or respond to the text messages. Eventually he spotted someone sitting in a chair, so he assumed that it was Luke. He called out to his father-in-law, but Luke didn't reply.

Eventually, Dante managed to stand up then staggered to the chair. He was shocked when he saw that a decayed corpse was seated in the chair with a ticking bomb placed in its lap.

. . .

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