Tuesday, September 30, 2014

At the Jerome apartment, Julian questioned Alexis' motives for dropping by because he was reluctant to get his hopes shattered again. Alexis admitted that she wanted to know if he had been reporting to Luke. Julian quickly covered his surprise by scoffing at the suggestion then reminding Alexis that she had lost the right to question him about his private life when she had ended things. Frustrated, Alexis explained that she needed to know for the sake of their daughter, Sam. She revealed that Luke's name had cropped up in the course of Sam and Patrick's investigation into Patrick's crash.

Julian reminded Alexis that Ric Lansing had been the head of the Jerome organization, but Alexis argued that questions had been raised about Luke in part because Alexis recalled that she had seen Ric with Cameron, not Julian on the night of Nikolas' engagement party. Desperate, Alexis reminded Julian that Patrick had lost a son because of the crash, so Julian carefully vowed on their daughter's life that the man Julian answered to was not Luke Spencer. Alexis appeared skeptical, but she thanked him for answering the question then started to leave, but Julian called out to her because he had a question of his own.

At the door, Julian asked Alexis why she had taken it upon herself to question him about Luke instead of leaving it to Sam. Alexis claimed that she had thought that she would have a better chance of getting the truth from Julian than Sam would, but Julian didn't believe Alexis. He admitted he had hated seeing Alexis with another man because he still wanted her then dared Alexis to deny that she still wanted Julian. Alexis's defenses crumbled as she confessed that she couldn't then she kissed Julian.

Things quickly heated up as Julian and Alexis started to tear each other's clothes off as their kisses turned passionate. However, Julian shocked Alexis when he suddenly put the brakes on things because as much as he loved her, he couldn't watch her walk out the door the way that she had the last time. Julian admitted that he wanted her more than any woman he had ever met, but he refused to make love to Alexis if she intended to leave him again. Alexis' eyes glistened with emotion as she repeatedly promised Julian that she wouldn't leave him. Satisfied, Julian kissed Alexis then made love to her.

At the loft, Patrick and Sam asked Dante, Lulu, and Tracy if there was a way to contact Luke. Lulu was curious why Patrick and Sam wanted to speak to her father, so Sam quietly admitted that they had reason to believe that Luke might have been involved in Patrick's crash. Dante, Lulu, and Tracy were stunned, but Tracy was the first to recover by dismissing the possibility. Dante wanted to hear what Patrick and Sam had to say, but Tracy refused to listen because Luke would never intentionally endanger a child's life after Luke's role in Jake's tragic death.

Sam assured Tracy that they wouldn't make such a serious accusation simply because of a random theory, so Tracy demanded to know the source of Patrick and Sam's information against Luke. Tracy insisted that Patrick and Sam's information was not credible when Patrick revealed that their source was Spencer. Lulu agreed that Spencer was not reliable, but Sam explained that Luke had made a threat to Spencer then later had confirmed to Spencer that Luke had arranged for Patrick's accident. Sam conceded that Spencer had a vivid imagination, but she insisted that he had been genuinely terrified of Luke.

Dante was curious who Patrick and Sam suspected Luke had met with to plot against Sonny, so Sam reluctantly admitted that she feared that it might have been her father, Julian. Dante, Lulu, and Tracy immediately tensed because Tracy recalled that Luke had met with Julian in Wyndemere's stables. Dante added that Luke was also under investigation about an unrelated case, so Patrick begged Dante to share whatever information Dante could. Dante revealed that an undercover police officer had identified Luke's voice during a phone call with a known Jerome associate.

Patrick and Sam wondered what to do next, so Dante admitted that a plan was already in motion because Tracy had reached out to Luke. Moments later, Tracy's cell phone alerted her that she had received a new text message. It was from Luke revealing that he was in Amsterdam and wanted to meet with her. Patrick and Sam realized that they were headed on a road trip to get some answers.

Near the nurses' station, Franco confided to Nina about his plans for Carly. He bragged that he had arranged to have a front row seat to everything Carly would say and do until the wedding, so Nina was curious how Franco intended to accomplish that. Franco proudly held up his cell phone as he explained that he had an application on his cell phone that had been connected to a spy camera in a necklace that Franco had given to Carly earlier that morning. Franco revealed that clicking on the icon would enable him to see and hear everything that Carly said and did.

Nina snatched the phone out of Franco's hand to examine the phone, but Franco quickly took the phone away from her before she clicked on the icon. Nina was surprised that Franco would spy on his new fiancée, but Franco preferred to think of it as being proactive because he needed to make certain that Carly was truly over Sonny. Nina was curious what Franco would do if he learned that Carly had told the truth about being through with Sonny, so Franco smiled as he confessed that he would marry Carly.

Nina wondered what would happen if Franco found out that Carly and Sonny weren't over. Franco revealed that he had information on both Sonny and Carly that would ruin both of their lives, which he would use if he had to. Franco admitted that he hoped that it wouldn't get to that, but there was only one way for him to find out. Franco clicked on the icon to open the application, which immediately showed him a live image of Sonny standing in Carly's living room. Franco and Nina watched as Carly ordered Sonny to leave.

Instead, Sonny asked Carly for a kiss goodbye. Carly hesitated until Sonny's phone suddenly rang. Nina grabbed Franco's phone away from Franco as she turned off the feed then dropped the phone down the front of her shirt. She reminded Franco that Carly had told Sonny to leave, but Franco wasn't satisfied because it wasn't sufficient proof that Carly wouldn't betray him with Sonny. As a friend, Nina warned Franco that he had to stop before things went past the point of no return.

Nina knew that Franco loved Carly and wanted to start a life with her, so Nina asked if he would rather trust Carly. "Yes," Franco answered as he deftly fished his phone from the front of Nina's top then clicked on the spy icon. Franco became concerned when he saw an image of Sonny hugging Michael.

At Carly's residence, Sonny and Carly discussed the situation with Ava. Carly warned Sonny that Ava was dangerous, so he assured Carly that he was determined to neutralize Ava to make certain that Ava did not spill any secrets. Sonny vowed that no one would know that he had killed A.J. Carly agreed that Ava needed to be dealt with because Ava could easily reveal Carly's role in the cover-up of A.J.'s murder. Sonny assured Carly that Ava would soon be back under his control, so all that was left was for them to wait for Shawn's phone call.

Sonny switched gears by asking if Carly still had the coffeemaker that he had given her. Carly tensed when Sonny began to reminisce about how he would wake Carly up in the mornings to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee. Carly decided that it was time for Sonny to leave, but Sonny refused because he wanted to discuss Carly's marriage to Franco. Sonny couldn't believe that Carly would marry Franco after what Franco had put both Michael and Jason through, but Carly defended Franco by reminding Sonny that Franco had been driven to do horrible things because of a brain tumor.

Sonny dismissed the brain tumor excuse because Franco had nearly told Michael the truth about A.J.'s death because Franco had been jealous. Carly argued that it had been a moment of weakness, but Sonny shifted gears to point out that Franco hadn't even cared enough about Carly to buy her an engagement ring. Carly stubbornly countered that Franco had bought her a necklace. Sonny glared at the hideous thing as Carly explained that it was an evil eye intended to protect her, but Sonny argued that the necklace was ineffective because Franco was still around.

Carly insisted that she intended to marry Franco, so Sonny asked for a kiss goodbye. However, Shawn called to let Sonny know that Sonny was needed at Michael's place immediately because there had been an incident that required Sonny's attention.

At Michael's apartment, Kobe threateningly pointed a gun at Michael as Rosalie cowered behind Michael. Michael insisted that he deserved to know who had given the order to kill Michael, so Kobe agreed to reveal the identity of the man. However, Shawn suddenly burst through the door before Kobe could name his boss. In the confusion, Rosalie dashed for safety as Kobe grabbed Michael then pressed a gun to Michael's side. Shawn aimed his gun at Kobe as he ordered Kobe to release Michael.

Kobe refused to comply, but Kobe was curious how Shawn had ended up at Michael's apartment. Kobe suspected that Shawn had been tipped off to the hit, but Shawn refused to confirm Kobe's suspicions. Kobe was certain that he knew who had given Kobe up, but Shawn shifted gears to warn Kobe that Kobe would not leave the apartment alive if anything happened to Michael. Michael gave his word to Kobe that Kobe could leave unharmed if Kobe cooperated, but Kobe was determined to carry out his orders.

Kobe reminded Shawn that they were both mercenaries, so he suggested that Shawn walk away to allow Kobe to finish the job. Shawn tried to compromise by suggesting that Kobe allow Rosalie to leave, but Kobe refused. Terrified, Rosalie suddenly sprinted for the door. The distraction allowed Michael to grab for Kobe's gun. Shawn pulled Rosalie down behind the sofa then tried to take aim at Kobe, but Michael and Kobe's struggle prevented Shawn from getting a clear shot.

Seconds later, a shot rang out as Michael's eyes rounded with surprise. Kobe appeared equally startled as he slowly fell to the ground. Shawn rushed over to check Kobe's pulse then confirmed that the assassin was dead. Rosalie became hysterical, so Michael quickly gathered her in his arms to try to comfort her. Rosalie assured Michael that Michael had shot in self-defense, but she seemed terrified of having to testify in court. Michael assured Rosalie that it wouldn't be necessary because Michael would fix everything.

Michael instructed Shawn to call Sonny then grabbed a beer from the refrigerator to offer to Rosalie to calm her nerves. He apologized that he didn't have anything stronger on hand, but Rosalie didn't mind. Michael thanked Rosalie for saving his life by distracting Kobe, but she was curious if things like that were common occurrences in Michael's life. Michael confessed that it hadn't happened to him in a long time, so Rosalie chuckled nervously as she confessed that she had thought that Morgan had been the "exciting" one in the family.

A short time later, Sonny and Carly arrived. Shawn quickly filled Michael's parents in about what had transpired in the apartment, so Michael credited Shawn with saving Michael and Rosalie's lives. Carly became upset when she realized that her son had killed a man, but Rosalie insisted that it had been in self-defense. Sonny ordered Shawn to find out who Kobe had worked for, so Michael revealed that Kobe had been about to name the man before Shawn had arrived.

Later, Sonny's men removed Kobe's body from the apartment. Sonny pointedly informed Rosalie that he didn't want the police involved, so he told her that nothing had happened in the apartment. After Rosalie readily agreed, Sonny instructed Shawn to take Rosalie home. Michael assured Rosalie that everything would be okay.

After Shawn and Rosalie left, Carly blasted Sonny for once again exposing their sons to mob violence. Michael tried to calm his mother down, but she was furious that Sonny's lifestyle had endangered Michael. Carly hugged her son then released him, so Sonny could embrace Michael next. Sonny vowed that he would not let anything happen to Michael.

At the brownstone, Ava confessed to Kiki and Morgan that Ava had witnessed Sonny kill A.J. Morgan immediately denied it, but Ava assured Morgan that it was true. Kiki argued Carlos had confessed to the crime then added that Ava was able to lie quite easily. Kiki was curious why Carlos would admit to a crime he hadn't committed, so Ava carefully explained that she had given Carlos the proper incentive to cooperate. Kiki wasn't satisfied with Ava's answer because she wanted details. Ava reminded Kiki that loyalty meant everything in Ava's line of work, so Carlos had taken "one for the team."

Kiki remained skeptical, so Morgan demanded to know how Ava knew that Sonny had been responsible for A.J.'s death. Ava revealed that she had witnessed the shooting firsthand, but Kiki argued that Ava had claimed to have been in New York City with Delia during the time of the shooting. Ava confessed that she had lied because she had returned just prior to the shooting. According to Ava, A.J. had pushed Sonny until Sonny had snapped, but Morgan argued that Sonny had promised Michael to leave A.J. alone.

Ava continued to spin her tale of half-truths, careful to paint herself as an innocent bystander, but Kiki questioned her mother's story because she was curious why Sonny hadn't killed Ava right after shooting A.J. Ava claimed that she had proven her loyalty to Sonny, but it had only been a temporary measure because Sonny intended to kill Ava after the baby was born to make certain that there weren't any witnesses that could point to Sonny as A.J.'s killer. Morgan suddenly recalled his conversation with Sonny at the hospital when Sonny had revealed that Ava had goaded Sonny into doing something that Ava had held over Sonny's head.

Morgan realized that Ava had told the truth about Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder, so he assured Kiki that Ava wasn't lying. Ava confessed that there was one more thing Morgan and Kiki should know; A.J. had made a deathbed confession to Carly about Sonny pulling the trigger. Morgan was shocked as Ava explained that Carly had decided to keep the truth from Michael out of fear that it would tear Michael apart. Outraged, Kiki insisted that Michael had a right to know the truth about how A.J. had died.

Morgan agreed with Kiki in principal but added that Michael had been through enough. Morgan feared that it would irrevocably damage Michael's relationship with Sonny and Carly if Michael were to learn the truth about Sonny's role in A.J.'s death, so Morgan insisted that it was best for Michael not to know.

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