Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In Jordan's apartment, Jordan and Shawn snuggled together in bed after making love. Jordan mentioned that their clandestine affair had started fourteen days earlier, so Shawn noted that he had been sleeping with the enemy for two weeks. Jordan frowned as she carefully reminded Shawn that they had agreed keep quiet about their affair because T.J. would not be happy about Shawn's involvement with her. Shawn admitted that he was more concerned about Jordan working for a rival organization because it might put them in a dangerous position, but Jordan argued that it hadn't posed a problem yet.

Shawn warned Jordan that Sonny would eventually make a move to stop the Jerome organization from distributing drugs on the streets. Jordan immediately became defensive when Shawn expressed his disapproval over her putting drugs on the street. Jordan pointed out that Sonny wasn't any better than the Jeromes simply because Sonny didn't allow drugs through the territory, but Shawn disagreed. He reminded Jordan that the drugs she had helped distribute to the streets had led to Rafe's tragic death.

Jordan became defensive when Shawn pointed out that it could have easily been T.J. who had ended up brain dead in the hospital. Frustrated by her inability to tell Shawn the truth about her undercover work, Jordan blurted out that Shawn had no idea what he was talking about. She assured Shawn that she didn't intend to work for the Jeromes indefinitely because she had a plan that would leave her "free as a bird" if it panned out. Shawn wanted Jordan to elaborate, but she quickly managed to distract him by kissing him passionately.

At the hospital, Ned questioned Michael about the decision to terminate Tracy's employment with ELQ, so Michael explained that Alice had revealed that Tracy had been conspiring with Luke to seize control of the family empire. Ned wasn't surprised that his mother had lied about the marriage to Luke falling apart but Ned was curious about the annulment papers that Tracy had produced because Alexis had confirmed that documents had been real. Michael pointed out that perhaps Tracy and Luke had annulled their marriage to give their lie legitimacy.

Ned was disappointed that his mother failed to see Luke for who he really was. Michael speculated that Tracy might leave town to join Luke and regroup, but Ned dismissed the possibility because it wasn't in Tracy's nature to take a tactical retreat. Ned was certain that Tracy would remain in town to plot her next move, so he warned Michael that they would need to act quickly to stop Tracy and send her a strong message before she caused them more trouble. Ned admitted that there was no telling how far Tracy would go since she had already used Alice's brush with death to try to further Luke's agenda.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy entered the library then opened the laptop to call Luke. The man posing as Luke answered the video call by asking if their plan was still in tact, so Tracy was forced to explain that it was dead in the water because Alice had told Michael everything. Annoyed, the imposter instructed Tracy to attribute Alice's claims as morphine-induced hallucinations, but Tracy revealed that she had already tried without success. The imposter Luke was furious when Tracy explained that Michael had fired her, but Tracy resented his attitude because she had done all of the dirty work.

Tracy insisted that it was time for Luke to return home, so she and Luke could work together as a team to devise a Plan B and seize control of ELQ. Luke insisted that he needed to keep working to secure votes from the other board members to support Tracy, but Tracy wasn't satisfied because Luke had failed to win over any of the board members. The imposter switched tactics by reminding Tracy that it was necessary for everyone to believe that their marriage was over, but Tracy disagreed because everyone already knew that it was a lie.

The imposter tried to hide his frustration as she assured Tracy that he wanted nothing more than to return home to her. However, he insisted that she deserved to have her birthright, so he intended to work tirelessly until she had it. The imposter promised Tracy that it would all be worth it when she regained control of ELQ, but both he and Tracy suddenly jumped when Ned leaned over his mother's shoulder to inform Luke that the jig was up. Ned vowed that Luke would never get his hands on ELQ then snapped the laptop closed as the imposter growled that it wasn't over.

Furious, Tracy blasted Ned for interrupting her conversation, but Ned refused to apologize because he had caught Tracy and Luke plotting to take over ELQ. Tracy accused Ned of betraying her by siding with Michael, but Ned defended Michael because Michael would never have used the misfortune of a family member to line his own pockets the way that Tracy and Luke had. Tracy was curious what good Michael's honesty would do any of them when Michael ran ELQ into the ground, but Ned ignored the question.

Ned was certain that his grandfather, Edward, had rolled in his grave when Tracy had put her power play for ELQ ahead of Alice's welfare. Tracy resented Ned presuming to know how Edward would have felt about Tracy trying to preserve Edward's legacy while Ned and Michael squandered it away through mismanagement. Ned warned Tracy that Luke was not the person that Tracy believed Luke to be, but Tracy argued that Luke loved her more than anyone in her own "rotten" family ever had. Tracy vowed to regain control of ELQ because it was what her father had intended.

Ned informed his mother that Tracy would have to do her plotting elsewhere because she could not remain in the mansion. Tracy doubted that Monica would ever evict her, but Ned reminded Tracy that she and Luke had targeted Monica's grandson, who was the only link Monica had left to A.J. Tracy's smile vanished when she realized that Ned had a point, so she asked if Ned truly intended to throw her out of the mansion. Ned admitted that it would be payback for when Tracy had done the same thing to him.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava blew out a birthday candle on one of the two cupcakes then invited Kiki to blow out the other candle. Kiki reminded Ava that it was Ava's birthday, but Ava wanted her daughter to make a wish. Kiki smiled as she dutifully made a wish then blew out the candle. Ava immediately wondered what Kiki had wished, but Kiki argued that it would be bad luck to tell Ava.

Kiki admitted she couldn't believe that Ava was pregnant especially after all the years that Kiki had pestered her mother for a sibling. Ava confessed that she questioned if she was up to the task of raising another child, so Kiki warned Ava that Ava was about to find out because the baby would arrive soon. Kiki was confident that everything would be fine, but Ava recalled Sonny's threat to kill Ava after the baby was born.

Moments later, Ava was startled when she felt the baby kick for the first time. She quickly reached for Kiki's hand to let Kiki feel the baby move. Kiki's face lit with joy as she returned her mother's smile. Ava and Kiki were both excited because feeling the baby's movement had made everything more real to them. Ava's eyes filled with tears as she confided that she had thought that Kiki would be Ava's only miracle. Kiki beamed as her mother opened up about how proud she was of the person that Kiki had grown up to become. Kiki warmly hugged her mother.

Ava wiped away the tears of happiness as she confessed that she had enjoyed the visit with Kiki. Kiki agreed that it had been a wonderful visit but it was late. Ava suggested that Kiki get home before Morgan wondered where Kiki was, but Kiki was adamant she and Morgan were just roommates because Kiki only had eyes for Michael.

After Kiki left, Ava received a video call from the imposter posing as Luke. He wished Ava a happy birthday, but she reminded him that it was past midnight. Luke cut to the chase by reminding Ava that he wanted to know what damaging information Ava had on Sonny. Ava assured Luke that she was working on it, but Luke was not satisfied because he wanted results. Ava promised Luke that the person she had reached out to would soon realize that he would benefit from neutralizing Sonny just as much as she and Luke would.

The imposter warned Ava that his patience was wearing thin, so Ava agreed to prove her value another way. Pleased, the imposter ordered Ava to kill Michael Corinthos. After Ava recovered from the shock, she reminded Luke that her daughter had been dating Michael. The imposter was unmoved because he wanted Michael dead. He advised Ava to make it happen then disconnected the call.

At the hospital, Kiki caught up with Michael. She apologized for running late but confessed that she'd had a wonderful visit with her mother. Michael assured Kiki that it was fine then revealed that Alice had been steadily recovering from the heart transplant. Kiki smile faded when Michael filled in her in about Tracy's scheme to take back ELQ. Kiki immediately became concerned because she realized that it meant that Luke was not out of their lives. Michael assured Kiki that Luke would not get to her because Luke would have to go through Michael first.

At Carly's residence, Sonny hovered in the hallway eavesdropping on Franco and Carly as Franco picked up one of the two glasses of wine then demanded to know who Carly had spent the evening with. Franco was certain that it had been Sonny, but Carly immediately denied it. Franco wasn't satisfied because the two glasses of wine proved otherwise. Carly scrambled for an explanation until Bobbie walked in.

"My mother," Carly answered. Franco appeared skeptical especially when Bobbie asked what was going on. Carly quickly explained that she needed Bobbie to assure Franco that Bobbie, not Sonny, had joined Carly for dinner and wine. Bobbie didn't hesitate to cover for her daughter, but Franco pointed out that Bobbie had only just arrived. Carly explained that Scott had cancelled dinner plans with Bobbie earlier that evening because of work but later called to invite Bobbie for a nightcap. Franco appeared to waver but he remained determined to check the bedroom.

Carly panicked as Franco marched to the bedroom. Bobbie held Carly back as she demanded to know what was going on, but Carly feared that Franco would find Sonny. Bobbie pointed out that it was quiet, which meant that Franco hadn't found anyone. Moments later, Carly's phone rang, so she begged Bobbie to stall Franco while Carly answered the phone. Bobbie agreed but she warned Carly that she expected Carly to answer her questions.

After Bobbie left, Carly answered the phone. She immediately demanded to know where Sonny was, so he revealed that he was standing on Carly's front porch. Carly quickly ran to the door to check on Sonny. Sonny explained that he had decided to climb out the window because he couldn't risk Franco going straight to the police with the truth about A.J.'s murder. However, Sonny warned Carly that he would not simply go away because they had shared something special in her bedroom.

Sonny insisted that Franco was the wrong man for Carly then kissed her to prove his point. Carly pushed Sonny away because she remained determined to stay with Franco.

Inside, Franco searched the bedroom then crawled under the bed desperate to find a sign that Sonny had been in the house. Bobbie warned Franco that he was overreacting, but Franco argued that Sonny had kissed Carly. Bobbie confessed that she wasn't surprised because Sonny had a tendency to become fixated on Carly whenever Sonny went through a difficult breakup. Bobbie assured Franco that Carly had moved on but she cautioned Franco not to let his jealousy drive Carly into Sonny's arms.

Moments later, Bobbie and Franco returned to the living room as Carly entered the house. Franco immediately apologized to Carly for overreacting. He realized that he had been foolish to suspect Carly of spending time with Sonny. Franco hugged Carly as he continued to apologize, but Carly appeared troubled as she exchanged a worried glance with Bobbie over Franco's shoulder.

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